Britons choose cost over environment

The surprise report this week is that the vast majority of British people do not care enough about the environment to make it their top priority when booking a holiday. Higher up the list comes cost. According to the independent research organisation, YouGov, just one in 100 people said their carbon footprint was the most important factor when buying a trip and for 13% of travellers, the environmental impact of a holiday was the least important consideration.

Well, is it really that surprising? Whilst most of us are well intentioned, not many would put these considerations at the top of their list. Price is a much more dominant factor and, although many people do not mind paying a little bit more for a good cause, they do ask questions or vote with their feet, that is, walk away, if what they are paying for does not represent good value for money. Nowhere is this more evident than shopping on the internet, and this includes, more and more, the booking of flights and holidays, where the main driver is to get the best deal, first and foremost.

The hidden benefits of carbon offsetting, fair trade, organic, helping the third world etc, will often be overlooked if the price is not, at least in the right ball park. If the price is right, then the feel good factor of buying what you are looking for and protecting the environment or helping people in need will certainly kick in and why not as, after all, we all like to do our bit. That’s why tries to provide what our customers want, a competitively priced travel insurance policy that also makes a difference.

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