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To help eliminate the effects of world poverty through commercial trade

"Whilst Trade Aid UK is not the full answer we can be part of the solution"

Trade Aid UK is the trading name for Trade Aid International Limited and its charitable arm, the Trade Aid UK Foundation. By providing a top quality sugar products, we aim to give the consumer a new choice for this most basic of commodities. At the same time, customers can be confident that they are making a real difference. Established as an alternative supplier of household sugars, profits generated are donated to help people who are deprived of the basic necessities of life, such as water, food, healthcare, education and housing. We do this through:

  • Offering the consumer a top quality sugar but with an added charitable dimension.
  • Channelling profits generated from trading operations towards aid projects.
  • Assisting other charitable organisations in funding specific relief programmes.
  • Supporting initiatives which encourage communities to become self sufficient, not aid reliant.
  • Encouraging other businesses to adopt the "Trade Aid Way".

Primarily, our concerns are directed to help alleviate the effects of poverty. To do this effectively, we support existing aid agencies that already have established efficient infrastructures so that we can be confident that funds are being used to target specific problem areas.

Image of African Child Looking In Sack

We recognise that poverty is but one of the major causes of suffering. Catastrophic events, such as natural disasters and the ravages of war, also require major funding efforts, often at short notice. Therefore, in times of need, proceeds from the sale of our sugar will also be directed to such relief efforts, as and when required. This is an efficient use of resources but also means that we can carefully monitor where and how funds are being used and the effectiveness of individual aid projects.

Many Aid agencies exist to work to eliminate the effects of poverty, disaster and war. Such ongoing efforts require substantial financial resources. Whilst Trade Aid UK is not the full answer, we can be part of the solution. Our main concerns are towards housing, education, water supplies and health care programmes.

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