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Support for ongoing projects has continued unabated in 2020 and now into 2021, further establishing the influence that Trade Aid UK has been able to give to important relief programmes worldwide. Much of this has been enabled by the continued sale of Trade Aid UK Granulated and Caster Sugar through Tesco Stores and online at Ocado. The use of external aid agencies and charities has been instrumental in us being able to reach the remotest parts of the globe where often the needs are greatest. The individual aid projects supported by the Trade Aid UK Foundation can be viewed by simply scrolling up and down the project panel on this page and clicking on the project that interests you.

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Hospital Latrine Project

Trade Aid UK is providing funding to the charity, SEED Madagascar, for the construction of new toilet facilities, which are desperately required, for the Manambaro Hospital just outside Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. Alarmingly with nearly all sanitation facilities defunct, patients at this hospital are currently using an area of rough ground outside the hospital for sanitation purposes and staff are having to go home to use the toilets.

Located in the remote southeast Anosy Region, the Manambaro Hospital is in the centre of Manambaro town, providing services to some 5,000 villagers and wider community members. Once famous across Madagascar as a training hospital, devastating underfunding over the past few decades led to near bankruptcy and facilities falling into a state of disrepair.

Currently, the only handwashing facility, even for staff, is an outside tap. Hand-washers must walk through the open defecation site with no lighting and a damaged walkway, adding not only to the spread of faecal contamination of sterile medical provisions, but also to an increase in preventable diseases. The combination of open sanitation and this hospital being a key regional health facility clearly make this a high priority project.

The Manambaro Hospital Latrines Project will construct a new ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrine block for patients and visitors, flushing toilets with a septic tank for staff, and repair an existing septic tank within the hospital compound. Alongside water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) training for staff, these provisions will decrease the incidence and impacts of diarrhoeal diseases and provide the community of Manambaro with a dignified and hygienic facility.

PROJECT UPDATE. The project was successfully completed in March 2018 with SEED Madagascar reporting: "The Manambaro Hospital Latrine project was successful in achieving its outcomes. The hospital was provided with adequate sanitation facilities for patients and visitors through the construction of a four-cubicle, eight-chamber VIP latrine to be used on a two-year rotation basis. A block with two flushable toilets and a septic tank was also provided for the use of staff."

" All construction activity was successfully completed on target by the final week of March. WASH sensitisation and educational activities were evaluated through baseline and endline assessments carried out by SEED’s Head of WASH. At project close, the final observational assessment revealed that the practice of open defecation and bed-pan emptying on hospital grounds has now ceased, with zero cases of faeces found in the open."

" This marks a crucial milestone for the hospital and, if maintained, will assure a healthier and more sanitary environment for all concerned. Moreover, endline surveys of a random sample of 10 members of hospital staff demonstrated high levels of WASH knowledge, with all participants correctly answering more than 90% of key indicator questions."

SEED was initially established as a Scottish charity, Azafady, in 1994 and became a registered charity in England and Wales in 1999. SEED’s basic aim is to alleviate human poverty whilst protecting a biologically rich but greatly endangered environment by empowering the poorest people of the region to meet their basic needs and establish sustainable livelihoods. If you would like to know more about SEED Madagascar and its other projects and volunteer programmes, then you can do so by logging onto their website at


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