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Support for ongoing projects has continued unabated in 2020 and now into 2021, further establishing the influence that Trade Aid UK has been able to give to important relief programmes worldwide. Much of this has been enabled by the continued sale of Trade Aid UK Granulated and Caster Sugar through Tesco Stores and online at Ocado. The use of external aid agencies and charities has been instrumental in us being able to reach the remotest parts of the globe where often the needs are greatest. The individual aid projects supported by the Trade Aid UK Foundation can be viewed by simply scrolling up and down the project panel on this page and clicking on the project that interests you.

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Children's Refuge

Through the charity, IMC, Trade Aid UK continues to contribute to the ongoing costs of running a children’s home in Fusa near Bogota, providing a safe environment for children who would otherwise be left to the dangers of street life. Without a home or any hope of regular food, children can very easily fall prey to drugs and child prostitution. The home provides a secure haven, where good food and education are provided so that the children can grow up with life skills to take with them into adulthood.

As an additional help to similar families living in the same village, IMC provides a feeding programme designed to cater for up to 100 children to give them one hot meal each day. It is planned to extend the existing successful programme in Fusa to other areas.

These funds help with the ongoing needs of street children, mainly in and around the capital, Bogotá. In particular, we support their feeding and education programme where otherwise these street children would be faced with the prospect of recycling rubbish from the local rubbish tips and where a drift into drug related crime is an all too common route into adulthood.

One success story reported to us by IMC is of four brothers who have recently moved into an IMC run farm refuge. They had been living with their mother in a room in a bar in a very poor area of Bogotá, their father had abandoned them some while ago and they had no chance of going to school. They were suffering from malnutrition and were being left alone all day as their mother went out to work recycling rubbish. After a period of rehabilitation, the boys quickly settled in. Malnutrition is a thing of the past and they have begun to receive an education which will enable them to find a way out of the poverty trap.

Part of IMC's mandate is to train and care for these local children by giving them vocational training in a work skill to suit the ability of each child. The small farm is a great help in the successful training of the children to gain good life habits and work skills for their future and escape from a destiny of poverty.

Boys at School
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